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Flattery By Jeep (Unbeknownst To Them).

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Big Game Flashback

Of all the ads from the past Biggest Professional Football Game in February that Shall Remian Nameless, one ad stood out to me. Nagged me, really.

The Jeep ad that finishes with the tagline, "4x4ever."

Where had I heard that before? Then it recently dawned on me: I heard it in my own brain...two years before the Jeep ad aired.

You Don't Need a Big Agency to Get Big Ideas

A couple of years ago, an outdoor furniture manufacturing company asked us to develop creative concepts for marketing their furniture, which is built with "lumber" made from 100% recycled plastic. This furniture is virtually indestructible. It never fades, cracks, or peels, and comes with a 35 year warranty.

As is our practice, we created, what in technical advertising terms is known as, a buttload of ideas. Or, as well call it, Captivation Capital™.

One of those concepts is pictured above. The proposed tabletop display had a sample of the actual plastic lumber hanging from a loop. The headline, "It's a 2x4-Ever," was positioned so that the "Ever" was covered by the lumber, drawing the shopper in to grab the lumber and reveal the headline payoff.

Obviously, we aren't implying that Jeep or Jeep's agency copied our idea. It merely points out that great ideas aren't exclusive to great big agencies. So, step out from your comfort zone a little and give a little agency a look. Call Captivation Capital at 616-355-2530, and get us going on some surprisingly super ideas today.


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