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Ultimate Mindshare.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

It occurred to me that I've used this blog mainly to tout recent successful projects or pontificate about this or that advertising philosophy, but I've rarely given a glimpse behind the scenes. What makes the CC Team tick? How's the team synergy? Do you guys ever get out of the office?

Well, as many of our clients will tell you, the team here is so close-knit that it's almost as if we're one person. Pete generates amazing concepts and copy, collaborating with Pete on the graphic design, all overseen by creative director Pete, who's our staunch brand consistency warden. Add Pete who zealously attends to each clients' needs as account executive, and you have a team that surrounds each client with strategically-sound, brand-driven creative with a singleminded focus on delivering a project promptly and attentively every step of the way.

Outside of the office, the team is almost indistinguishably close, whether golfing (see above), boating, downhill skiing, or enjoying time together with family, the Captivation Capital Advertising crew is truly inseparable.

Curious to find out how our exclusive Singleminded Advertising™ might enhance your brand? CONTACT me today!


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