For starters, you can only find it at Captivation Capital, Inc.

So, what are its advantages?

Since our team tackles each advertising challenge almost as if we're one person, you (as our client) get the full focus and attention of our entire firm every time we discuss your project, develop your creative, or move your project through the production process. Plus, we bill as one person. No sticker-shocking invoices, bloated with an entourage of support staff.

And, since we think as one, you get pure creativity honed by 25+ years of experience in the ad industry, not the "committe-fied" output you might get from some larger agencies.

Maybe the most significant benefit is the singlemindedness you'll achieve with current and potential customers. Pete has an instinctive knack for creating advertising that shapes consumer thinking and behavior. In other words, we're not into mindshare. We go after the whole thing for our clients.





The average human's reading attention span has gone from 100 pages to 100 words to 100 characters in a matter of decades.

Good thing Pete knows how to wrangle every syllable into a taut, tenacious selling machine.


Graphic Designer

Advertising magic happens when words and images transcend their individual roles, combining to stir emotions that turn consumers of products and services into loyal champions of your brand.


Pete's been doing it for decades.

Thanks, Singlemindedness.


Creative Director

As Creative Director, Pete keeps a sharp eye on brand voice.


Consistency is key to making your brand's unique voice sing...and Pete is a veteran conductor.


Account Executive

Since Captivation Capital opened its doors in 2001, it's always been about creativity and nimble, ultra-responsive SERVICE.


As your primary contact, Pete will make it right, make it happen, and make your day with no-BS answers, solutions, and meetings that get down to business and get you out the door ASAP.



Seems every hip firm has an office pet of some sort so, in keeping with our singleminded approach, Pete obediently fills this role.


He's friendly, loyal and we're working on the house training.

Captivation Capital, Inc. advertising agency: possibly the best impossibly creative ad firm around.
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