First off, Captivation Capital, Inc. is a "ME" not a "WE".

My name is Pete Van Regenmorter, an ad industry veteran who founded Captivation Capital Advertising in 2001. In short, Captivation Capital is a one-man advertising agency.

But it's so much more. (Find out why that matters here.)

Captivation Capital is my firm, but it's also my product. This is the only place on Earth you can get Captivation Capital®.

Fully appreciating the benefits of Captivation Capital takes a shift in thinking. 

Let's start with the basics. What's business capital? It's any input with the potential to realize a net benefit for the company. Financial capital funds things like big equipment buys. Human capital contributes an invaluable workforce, efficiency, ideas; it's the lifeblood of any company.

When it comes to advertising a company's products or services, however, couldn't those advertising-related assets be considered a type of capital as well? Let's call that overall category "communication capital." Now, within that category, is the creative "stuff," the images and words that present the communication to an audience. When that stuff is remarkably engaging, effective, arresting, eye-grabbing, thought-provoking, persuasive, compelling, and/or generally enthralling...that stuff is Captivation Capital. Very valuable capital, indeed. Where better to invest in Captivation Capital than the place that invented it? Captivation Capital Advertising.





The average human's reading attention span has gone from 100 pages to 100 words to 100 characters in a matter of decades.

Good thing I know how to wrangle every syllable into a taut, tenacious selling machine.


Graphic Designer

Advertising magic happens when words and images transcend their individual roles, combining to stir emotions that turn consumers into loyal champions of your brand.


Consider me your brand wizard, sans stupid pointy hat.


Creative Director

As Creative Director, I keep a sharp eye on brand voice.


Consistency is key to helping the song you're singing (corporately) ring true with consumers.


Fortunately for you, I'm a veteran conductor, sans stupid tuxedo.


Account Executive

Since I founded Captivation Capital in 2001, it's always been about creativity and nimble, ultra-responsive SERVICE.


As your sole contact, I'll make it right, make it happen, and make your day with no-BS answers, solutions, and short meetings (if at all) that get down to business and get you out the door ASAP.



Seems every hip firm has an office pet of some sort so, why not—I'll fill that role too.


I'm friendly, loyal and Pavlovishly motivated by snacks.

Captivation Capital Inc advertising agency. Possibly the most impossibly creative ad agency around.
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