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Who We're NOT Hiring.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

You'll never see these guys around the Captivation Capital watercooler. We've never employed them; never will.

Mumbo jumbo, business buzzwords, marketing jargon: Why are we so vehement in our opposition to all of these? Are we just blatantly anti-speaking? No. Not quite.

We are, however, opposed to over analysis. Endless meetings, over-detailed questionnaires, surveys, focus groups, action plans, processes, and double-secret sure-fire twelve-step methods may be the approach of other advertising firms, but not ours.

So how do we do what we do? Voodoo?

No. We have a short meeting and you talk about what you want to communicate to whom. We ask a few questions. Then you leave. We work up a simple proposal. You agree to it. And, soon, we generate strategically on-point, creative advertising that captivates the snot out of you and your target audience.

We're no StarWarians around here, but Yoda's immortal quote fits so well in this instance: "Do. Or do not. There is no try." We at Captivation Capital just do. All the extra process mumbo jumbo is just a lot of trying in our eyes—trying to impress, to systematize, to make creative thought somehow more "worthy" (read: "expensive"). We understand how adding these extra layers of verbosity can comfort, in a way. But to us, it's a skyscraper of scaffolding built to aid the cracking of a single peanut. Superfluous.

If this straightforward approach sounds refreshing (and, frankly, cost-effective), give Captivation Capital a call at 616-355-2530.


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