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It's Here.

Two negative GDP quarters. Textbook(ish) recession.

So now's the time to cut and cower. Hunker in a bunker. Lay low and scan the skies for some distant sliver of blue among the storm clouds. Right?

That's definitely the instinctive response. Trouble's coming: recoil.

But you, of course, are not the recoiling type. You understand that economic downturns are the contrarian's playground. While everyone else is playing defense, you'll be going for it on fourth and long, thank you very much.

That attitude should extend to your advertising.

Save the caution and timidity for the rest of the woe-is-us herd and meet the gloom with fun. Yes fun. Unapologetic, weird and wondrous, just-heard-the-recess-bell fun. Then, against that dark and stormy backdrop, your company will stick out like a soaring, multi-colored pterodactyl of positivity.

And, yes, that goes for B2B companies too. After all, it's really Business 2 Bob, and Brenda, and Beauregard: people whose brains respond to wit and whimsy with synaptic fireworks just like anyone else's.

Find a creative partner who can wield those recession-defying, confident concepts while remaining true to your brand and audience, and you've found yourself a winner, no matter the economic climate.

Captivation Capital Advertising & Creative

Different Wins.


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