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Cover to Cover Captivation

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

As mentioned in my last blog post (FIVE months ago!) I was busy last August.

Still busy.

You say, "Congratulations, but what's it to me?"

Well, if you advertise a product or service, my busyness means a lot, because there's hardly a marketing media that I haven't tackled since last fall. Need an amazing catalog, capabilities brochure, annual report or other long-form marketing piece? I just conceptualized, designed and wrote a full-color 56-page catalog (see sample spread above). The client (a growing outdoor furniture manufacturer) is delighted. To see more sample spreads, please look here.

Beyond crafting beautiful sales-stimulating catalogs, I helped an international truck equipment company design the over 100 graphic panels that made up its extensive trade show exhibit (see more here at the bottom of the page). Needless to say, if you have an upcoming trade show and need your booth (of any size) to bring 'em in and keep 'em engaged, Captivation Capital is your creative partner.

Outdoor? Clever print ads? Not to mention brand bolstering point-of-sale and exquisite Photoshop work? All here.

Yes, I've been busy...busy kicking out innovative, on-stategy, captivating, well...everything.

So CONTACT me today for effective advertising and marketing that "gets" your brand and gets it out there beautifully. You know...if you're into that sort of thing.


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