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Outdoor Furniture Company

By The Yard Maintenance-Free Outdoor Furniture crafts its products from solid, synthetic lumber that's made with recycled plastic and lasts beautifully in the harshest weather conditions for decades. My work for the By The Yard brand aims to communicate those differentiators, while highlighting how its unique features and benefits will enhance BTY owners' outdoor lifestyle for generations to come.


Concept Development/Creative Consulting, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation, Illustration, Animation, Print Advertising, Print Collateral, Direct Mail, In-store Displays, Social Media Creative, Digital Creative


ABOVE & BELOW: Sample spreads from a 50+ page catalog that I largely conceptualized, wrote and designed.

BOTTOM: GIF animations and other brand creative, including in-store displays and print advertising.


Getting e-motional.

Every motion ad can't be in 8K ultra mega gonzo resolution. Here are a few examples of my animated GIFs that make every pixel count.

Showroom Sale Closers.

Of course, in business, it all comes down to making the sale.

And in By The Yard's case, the sale often happens in their showrooms.

I conceptualized, wrote and designed in-showroom display pieces that reinforced shoppers' decisions to buy based on the furniture's features like: durability, longevity, comfort or style.

With a light-hearted approach, these displays kept the atmosphere fun and relaxed...kind of like a day out enjoying the backyard.


From the Client...

"Pete has been instrumental in shaping our brand. He's professional, responsive and incredibly creative. I highly recommend him!"

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