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From The Marketing Director's Chair

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

No, I've never sat in a marketing director's chair, but I've sat across from plenty of people who call it home. I don't envy them. Most are very hard-working folks with about twelve helpings of tasks and responsibilities on their plate, chief among them: producing the bulk of their company's advertising and marketing. Print ads, trade show displays, TV spots, social media posts and a host of other content must be conceptualized, created, and deployed in a never-ending stream of communication and hopefully, persuasion.

Naturally, to keep it flowing, the marketing director relies on a team. The team may be internal, external, or a combination of the two. Also naturally, the last thing a marketing director wants to do is mess with a good thing. If her internal team is cranking out what needs cranking out, why fix the proverbial unbroken? If his outside agency or agencies are delivering the required content, that's one less headache.

I get it. A high comfort level means lower stress. So low in stress, in fact, that in some situations the soothing sounds of sufficiency can drown out the captivating notes of a fresh, brand-building approach.

Bottom line for marketing directors: never get too comfortable. Never stop seeking the creative sources that will not only deliver to, but disrupt your target market.

Feel free to CONTACT me anytime for a wake up call you'll actually enjoy.


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