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Winding Down. Ramping Up.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

For me, it's been a great summer of family trips, beaches, golfing, and fishing (the latter two with mixed results). Unfortunately, the sun is setting earlier and earlier every less-balmy night. The kids are back to school. Yes, summer is winding down, but things at Captivation Capital are heating up! Frankly, this would be an opportune time to contact me regarding your advertising or marketing project, before the workload-o-meter spikes from "busy" to "ridiculously swamped."

Here's a sampling of the delicious projects filling my plate at the moment:

  • Trade show booth graphics for an international company in the die casting industry

  • Renaming and rebranding for a West Michigan firm

  • Direct mail campaign, poster series and high-end PowerPoint for a billion-dollar-plus company

  • Complete brand refresh, including collateral and web, for a longstanding client

As I've been sharing in this blog over the past couple months, Captivation Capital is the place to bring your marketing plan to life with strategic, award-winning creativity. I'm not here to tinker with, retool, or otherwise rearrange your marketing plan. You've worked hard, applying your sales and marketing expertise, to build a plan that will reach the right targets with the right tactics. Captivation Capital gets that. I thrive when collaborating with marketing directors and managers who have a laser focus on the strategy and implementation of the plan, while I, in turn, work with them to, well, captivate their potential customers with concepts, writing, design, video, and digital that makes an impact while never straying from the core strategy.

Give me a call. Can't wait to hear your marketing challenges!


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