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Wish We'd Done That. Oh, Wait, We Did! Installment 4

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Here's an ad we designed recently that we're rather proud of.

Technically, this is a trade ad. But, really it's simply an ad. An ad designed to interest humans who are likely to be in the market for a new concrete block and paver making machine, but humans, nonetheless. And as humans, we concluded that said audience of humans would respond to captivating design and language with enthusiasm and curiosity, whether they were shopping for, in this case, industrial machinery or, in some other case...a dandy pair of argyle socks.

A key mission here at Captivation Capital is to cut through (rise above, obliterate) any overemphasis on marketing theory, endless research, or even the type of delivery media as the factors for an ad's or campaign's success.

Are you moving humans? That's the essential question. Persuading humans to buy what you're offering is a matter of flat out changing behavior. That takes genuine creativity, not simply following the latest sure-fire, five-step marketing method.

Ehem. Well, while we climb down off our soapbox, feel free to call 616-355-2530 to find out more.


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