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Wish We'd Done That. Oh, Wait, We Did! Installment 2

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Welcome back to the next installment of WWDTOWWD!

Today, I invite you to digitally page through this brochure we wrote and designed for Lorence & Vander Zwart, a successful financial planning firm in Holland, MI.

Captivation Capital, Inc. was asked by LVZ to create a communications piece that not only described their services and experience, but also connected with their target audience on a more personal level...beyond simple dollars and cents.

Our answer went right to the heart of LVZ's identity. By developing the tagline, "Everybody LVZ Something," we directly linked the LVZ brand with the very personal and diverse reasons people are saving and investing in the first place.

If we do say so ourselves, it's a deft solution that nails the client's objective while deeply connecting people to their brand.

Captivation Capital®, our chief creative product, goes beyond elevating levitates them. We can't wait to create captivating concepts for your brand. Can you?


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