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Wish We'd Done That. Oh, Wait, We Did! Installment 1

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Don't get me wrong. I see stuff every day that makes me (grudgingly) mutter to myself..."wish I'd done that."

But this running Oblogatory™ series will tackle the much more pleasurable and fulfilling task of expounding on the virtues of our own work.

Self-indulgent self-promotion: the ultimate combo.

For the first installment, I picked this cover we designed for the Christian School Teacher Magazine. We'd already completely overhauled the magazine's design, inside and out. For this issue, the feature story revolved around ways to invite the Holy Spirit back into a school.

The Holy Spirit, of course, is often depicted in the Bible as a "tongue of fire." Playing off this image, Captivation Capital created the cover pictured above. Using two separate stock photo images and our photo manipulation and illustration skills, we encapsulated the idea of Spirit and education in one striking image, if we do say so ourselves.

Does your brand need a captivating concept or two or twenty? We can't wait to develop the creative advertising that'll fire up your target audience.


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