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How We Spend Our Free Time

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Imagine your accountant on vacation. He or, let's say she, is toasting in the sun on some remote tropical beach with a ridiculous umbrella-ed drink in one hand and People magazine in the other. Suddenly, the nimble number cruncher springs from her comfortable Adirondack and begins scrawling something in the sand with the broken end of a palm frond. Hours later, she's filled the beach with yards and yards of hand-written...spreadsheets.

That's us.

Even when we aren't working for our awesome clients, we're thinking and doing advertising.

Case in point: the ad series we created for ourselves.

As all effective advertising should do, the ads speak for themselves. See them in our WORK section, then please give us a call at 616-355-2530 to find out how your company can advertise to humans, instead of simply following marketing mechanics.


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