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Fab Feb

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

As the avid follower of this blog that you are, you've no doubt noted that there were no posts for February. That's because we were busy proving that Captivation Capital™ can be applied to any medium.

Captivation Capital, as you may already know, is a category of business capital invented, championed, and skillfully produced by (whom else?) Captivation Capital, Inc. We create captivating content for a wide variety of advertising and marketing media, from outdoor advertising, to direct mail, to video, to print of all kinds.


Well, over this past month, we worked very hard to put Captivation Capital on the stage.

Among other tasks, we tackled two presentation projects last month: One for a large corporation, the other for a smaller company; one presentation was delivered in front of a crowd of hundreds, one was designed to be presented to small groups or even one-on-one.

Both presentations were created in, drumroll please: POWERPOINT!


Now, before you conjure up images of clicking through ho-hum slides with canned business photos, both of our clients challenged us to create presentations that would really grip their audiences and elicit responses, action, sales. In other words, they were both asking to infuse their presentations with Captivation Capital.

Needless to say, we pushed PowerPoint to its limits—squeezed out every drop it could give us—until we had, for the large corporation client, a persuasive, engaging, downright funny visual presentation that kept the crowd tuned in to the speech without ever upstaging the speaker.

For the PowerPoint geared toward smaller audiences, we exploited PowerPoint's video capability to its maximum. Every product featured was introduced by it's own introductory video (largely shot and edited by us), while every feature page was accompanied by a subtle but visually appealing video backdrop. Plus, the presentation was built to be run from a central, clickable menu, allowing the presenter to jump easily and nonlinearly from one product to another.

This presentation generated plenty of interest at the national trade show where it was being shown. One key potential customer who saw it said it was the best he'd seen at the show.


Is your next presentation presenting a challenge to you and and your team? Have you explored all the hidden power that PowerPoint—yes, PowerPoint—possesses? Captivation Capital, Inc. would love to help guide you. One of the added beauties of working in PowerPoint is its collaboration capabilities. Mac or PC, PowerPoint files are fully compatible and transferable, so, for instance, you and your team could layout a basic framework, then we at Captivation Capital can apply our spot-on creativity, then changes can be made back and forth by both parties until perfection is achieved!

Contact Pete at 616-355-2530 to learn more.


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