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Buzzword Blowout-Special Sauce

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Welcome to the first installment of Buzzword Blowout™ on Oblogatory™, the Captivation Capital blog.

In business, buzzwords can start out as nifty little phrases that put an appealing spin on business concepts and practices. Quickly, though, buzzwords can morph into highly irritating, hackneyed sayings that, when repeated once too often, can lead to office altercations that may or may not involve extremities being stapled to the conference room carpet.

It's into this milieu that Captivation Capital, Inc. recently launched Buzzword Blowout, a two-fold service, really. First, it rids the world of unnecessary buzzwords through the use of excessive quantities of explosives, thereby making room for the only new buzzword businesses need when considering development of an advertising campaign (Captivation Capital®, of course). Secondly, it provides a release valve for the aforementioned wild-eyed, staple-wielding types, who, instead of searching for the nearest office supply to weaponize, can safely stare and giggle into their screens as their most loathed buzzwords are vaporized in a ball of flame.

So, what do we have on the blasting block today? A whole mess of SPECIAL SAUCE!

Over the past few years, "special sauce" has made a long journey from its traditional confines 'neath the sesame seed bun of a Big Mac, all the way to the vernacular of hip business folks. Suddenly, everybody's company has the "special sauce" to solve problems, or make better widgets, or build cooler buildings. Even people, apparently, are brimming with the stuff. "Yeah, Bob in marketing. He's a genius. He has that special sauce, ya know, that can take on any challenge."

Frankly, Bob can keep his sauce to himself.

We've slathered it all over the blasting block and we're blowing it all sky high, good-bye!

To see this and other buzzwords meet their deserved fate, visit Plus, YOU can even suggest the buzzword that has you angrilly eyeing the stapler every time it's said. Send it in and we'll send it to oblivion on the Buzzword Blowout Blasting Block!


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