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Buzzword Blowout-Paradigm Shift

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

For an introduction to Buzzword Blowout™ please read here.

Today's ill-fated business buzzword is the sickeningly seismic: PARADIGM SHIFT.

Granted, the last twenty years has seen it's share of technological and cultural changes. So, whipping out the ol' Paradigm Shift in conversation or in the board room was warranted. Maybe three or four times over the last couple decades, at most.

But soon some were spotting Paradigm Shifts under every tiny fissure in the business landscape, until a slight uptick in paper clip usage could be seen as the harbinger of a monumental, you guessed it, Paradigm Shift. Remove the "f" and you'd be closer to the truth.

Naturally, we heaved this irritating idiom onto the blasting block and gave it the audacious au revoir it deserves.

To see this and other buzzwords meet their deserved fate, visit Plus, YOU can even suggest the buzzword that has rolled your eyeballs one (thousand) too many times. Send it in and we'll send it to oblivion on the Buzzword Blowout Blasting Block!


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