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You Gotta Love It.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I screenshotted (if that's a word) the picture above directly from an email I received from a client a couple days ago. I'd sent a first draft design for a project, and, well, you can see the reaction.

Dare to Dream

I post all this not to brag, per se. However, I'm aware, as a seasoned advertising professional, that you, the reader, could be a potential future client. So, yes, I'm boasting enough to get your wheels turning. When is the last time you sent a similar email to your advertising agency? I get reactions like this to the work of Captivation Capital, Inc. regularly.

Check out some of my recent brand-elevating work here, then stare out your office window, throw a few pencils into the ceiling, make a paper clip sculpture, or whatever you do when you daydream. Think about how infusing some Captivation Capital® into your advertising might awaken your brand and, in turn, your customers—current and potential.

Beyond Bragging

Because that's the real point, here, isn't it? Eliciting a response, causing a reaction, guiding toward a sale.

Trust your gut. If it stirs something in you (love, joy, empathy, laughter, wonder) it follows that it will likely rouse something similar in your target audience. We're all humans, after all. I think that simple truth often gets squashed under several tons of marketing jargon. But that's a subject for another post.

Here's hoping you find love the next time you open a PDF or read a storyboard or review a design from an advertising agency. Who's the agency? That's your call.


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