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Dad, It's Blog Not Blahhhg.

​My kids mock my wife an I relentlessly every time we have the audacity to speak the word "blog."

"Daaad. It's blog not BLAHHHG," they scoff from the backseat. "Just say 'log' and put a 'B' before it."

Naturally, I ignore them completely, doubling down with an exaggerated "BLAAAG."

Exasperating your children, on occasion, is one of life's little gifts. Builds character. Plus, when they're grown, they can write a book about it and sell millions. So, really, I'm giving them a financially secure future. Dad of the Year material, here, folks.

Enough about my parenting skills. My point is, this is my first blog and I'll strive to make it worth reading. In other words, I'm shooting for an entertaining, informative blog, not a BLAH...g.

Looking forward to it.


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