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Introducing CCPLUGIN, a new way for ad agencies, marketing firms, (and I guess anybody) to plug into my award-winning creativity for a flat fee.



Focused mainly on other ad and marketing firms, my CCPlugin delivers several creative, objective-nailing concepts to be used to win business pitches and projects from prospective and current clients.



Advertising Agencies

Maybe yours is a small agency looking to land a larger client or one in an unfamiliar industry. Or you’re a big agency that knows you can never have too many ideas at the front end of developing an important pitch. Simply plug in my decades of experience and proven creative talent, and get a batch of on-brief, creative concepts that explore a wide spectrum of one-of-a-kind directions and approaches that all remain cleverly tethered to the desired strategy.

Even your current client projects that need audacious initial thinking can benefit from CCPlugin. I’ll deliver a healthy supply of actionable, conceptual fuel for your in-house teams to run with.


Marketing-Related Firms

Whether your firm’s focus is any combination of PR, digital, media, social, or strategy, go beyond simply “producing content” to delivering next-level creative campaigns that wow your clients, generate buzz, and expand your firm’s capabilities and horizons.


Other Businesses

If you've spent more than a few seconds on this site, I hope you've gathered that I'm relatively creative. To borrow a hackneyed trope: I think outside the box.


Well, what if there was no box? As a nonadvertising or marketing company, I invite you to get a little creative yourself, and ponder where your organization could use an extra dose of fresh, raw, unvarnished creativity.


Product development comes to mind. Do I have a product design degree? No. But I've purchased a few products in my day: shopped for them, used them...prized the good ones and cursed the bad ones. I creatively solve challenges all day. It seems to me there's little difference between an (advertising) solution that prompts people to buy and the (product) solution that the person is buying.


That's just one box busting idea to get you started. Keep an open mind and consider where you might plug me in with CCPlugin.



Pursue new and different clients and projects

Your firm has great capabilities, but CCPlugin has the creative juice needed to expand those competencies on an as-needed basis, so you can set your sights on more lucrative or interesting prospective clients and projects.


Pure creativity, no strings

CCPlugin is a win-win for both of us. I get to flex my gray matter doing what I was born to do: prolifically generate great ideas. And your firm or agency gets the creative, pitch-winning firepower you need. All for a flat fee...and suggested “tip” (see PRICING). There are no longer-term expectations on my part to further direct, design, write, or otherwise control or refine the concepts beyond the initial pitch.


Eliminate “What Ifs”

Ideas in business are hard to quantify. Maybe because they’re truly infinite. Even if your team kicks out 100 ideas for your next big pitch or project, how do you know the winning idea wasn’t #101? CCPlugin delivers Idea #101, and #105, and probably #112. When it comes to ideas, the more the more the merrier. And more profitable.



You'll get at least three, most likely at least five, and probably even more distinct concept directions that answer the core objectives of your creative brief or other statement of objectives with one-of-a-kind creativity.


Each concept direction will include graphic representations (or “concept rectangles”) that capture the particular approach with imagery, headlines, and “starter copy,” as applicable.


Please visit the MORE section of my site and scroll to find the Orthodontist Poster Concepts and Bathroom Remodeling Ad Concepts. These are both abridged examples of concept packages I’ve developed in the past.



Core Pricing


One CCPlugin with two weeks to develop the concepts:



One CCPlugin with one week to develop the concepts:



Tip (Suggested) Pricing

If business is won or generated as a result of CCPlugin concepts, you are encouraged to consider a ‘tip” for such a valuable contribution.


Suggested amount is 3% of the total business won or generated.


— GET STARTED — or 616-355-2530

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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