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Why Captivate?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Why invest in creative, captivating approaches to communicating with your target audience, when communication is as simple as showing your audience what you want them to buy and telling them to buy it?

Rrrrrrrriiiiiipppppp. (That's the sound of me symbolically tearing my hair out in response to my own rhetorical question.)

Goodness knows I've devoted the posts of this blog, the pages of this website, and decades of ranting to the concept of creativity as a valuable business asset. As we've discussed repeatedly, that's the idea behind the name Captivation Capital®.

Thankfully, there is objective evidence to back my claim. I came across the following article on the Advertising Age website, by Emma Hall: IPA Report: Ads that Win Awards Are 11 Times More Effective.

It details a study conducted by the U.K.'s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, which evaluated over 213 case studies of advertising for household name brands.

The article is an eyeopening analysis of what I'll deem the "media vs. message" debate. When many advertisers think about advertising it's mostly about getting something "out there": buying the column inches, the broadcast seconds, the billboards, and the pixels. It's a media-centric approach, borne out by the statistic cited in the article which pegs media spending at 80% of total ad spending, compared to 10% spent on production and agency fees.

When, according to the IPA study, award-winning creative is 11 times more effective than the lack thereof, we at Captivation Capital, Inc. humbly submit that perhaps it's time to revisit your company's advertising priorities.

Captivation Capital has won multiple awards for its work, and we would relish the opportunity to develop more award-winning (and more effective) advertising for your company. Give us a call at 616-355-2530, today.


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