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Ice Cream Company

Ice cream is fun, indulgent and delicious...when it's made right. Hudsonville Ice Cream does just that. Over the years, they've asked me to help with several advertising initiatives, some of which are shown below. Note that, while the concepts, writing, and specific designs are mine, the overall look (fonts, graphic standards) was previously established.


Concept Development/Creative Consulting, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Package Design, Trade Show Displays, Outdoor Advertising, Digital Concepts


ABOVE: Trade show banners for selling Hudsonville Ice Cream into "dip shops," or ice cream shops.

BELOW: Several digital banner/header concepts, and an outdoor billboard that introduced Hudsonville Ice Cream to Chicagoans 

Outdoor Advertising

How do you tell Chicago (on the western shore of Lake Michigan) that delicious Hudsonville Ice Cream (from the eastern shore of Lake Michigan) is now available? Here's how I answered, with words and images.


From the Client...

"Pete’s ability to quickly understand our brand goals and visualize them has been an important part of our brand growth. He is able to react quickly with unmatched quality to help us create meaningful content at a moment's notice."

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