Look Around. There's Nothing Like Us.


Since its founding in 2001, Captivation Capital, Inc. has held true to its vision: create captivating advertising for each company and brand we serve.


Sounds simple but, in our experience, it's far from it. All the planning, strategy sessions and cross-market-demographic-social-media-optimization-vectors in the world can not produce an idea that will captivate a target audience.


We, however, can. And have done so repeatedly for countless clients. It's our only product, really. We call it: Captivation Capital®. Because it is truly valuable business capital. We think it's well worth the investment. Check out our work to see examples of Captivation Capital in action, or see services to learn how we can help launch, revive, or reinvent your brand.



Hi, I'm Pete Van Regenmorter, an ad industry veteran who has conceptualized, written and designed hundreds of advertising campaigns and materials. Some were award-winners; all were captivators.

I started this firm in 2001 to achieve a singular mission: create captivating ideas for companies to help build their brands and, in turn, their businesses.


We've helped countless companies and organizations, but take a look at a few in particular HERE. These case studies will give you a glimpse of Captivation Capital® in action in the real world.

Then CONTACT us to tackle your next creative challenge.



Captivation Capital Inc advertising agency. Possibly the most impossibly creative ad agency around.
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