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Concrete Products Equipment Company

Pathfinder Systems is a full-service concrete products plant planner, designer, and equipment provider, with Tiger Machine of Japan as their flagship production machine line. With a relationship that stretches over decades, I've crafted Pathfinder's brand into one that's instantly recognizable and respected in its industry.


Concept Development/Creative Consulting, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation, B2B Print Advertising, Trade Show Displays, Video


ABOVE: Concept, photo manipulation, copywriting and graphic design for an airport terminal sign

BELOW: Print trade ads and displays that I created for Pathfinder

BOTTOM: Video examples that wrote, shot and edited

Capabilities video highlights

Pathfinder Video Work

I shot and edited the vast majority of what you see above and below. Some footage was provided by the manufacturers themselves, so image and video quality varies.

ABOVE: Pathfinder Capabilities Video (highlights) 

BELOW: Short video introductions for various topics to be presented by Pathfinder at a national trade show.

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This one (below) takes a little explaining...

Pathfinder Systems—a regular at concrete-related trade shows—asked me to develop an ad series for a very specific "captive audience."

The hotel where many trade show attendees were staying offered ads above the urinals in their men's restrooms. The rest is self explanatory.