Captivation Capital® & Smith Gas Liquids Company


Since Smith Gas Liquids Company, a wholesale propane supplier, began working with Captivation Capital in 2010, it has made inroads into new markets. The key to Smith Gas Liquids' reenergized marketing effort is the introduction of their stalwart St. Bernard mascot, created by Captivation Capital. This particular dog of the loyal breed has traded his typical brandy barrel for a Smith-logoed propane tank, and is always accompanied by the tagline "Sure Thing." Trade advertising and collateral materials have expanded on this theme as the campaign continues, keeping the marketing effort fresh, while remaining consistent around the central theme.

The Smith Gas Liquids St. Bernard is just one example of how Captivation Capital breaks down the boundaries between B2B and consumer-targeted advertising. We're all humans. So market to them. If a lovable, loyal canine is the right image for a company, it's the right image for a company, regardless of whether it's selling whole-grain breakfast cereal or wholesale propane. 

Smith Gas Liquids' President couldn't agree more:

“Our company cannot be more pleased with the direction Captivation Capital has taken our company advertising. Leave the creativity to them! Captivation Capital has added a great amount of value to our advertising budget. Our company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

Captivation Capital, Inc. advertising agency: possibly the best impossibly creative ad firm around.
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