We captivate our clients' target audiences with arresting images and words on paper, the airwaves, and screens of all kinds. It's a product we call Captivation Capital®.


Like many products, ours comes in a few different flavors. Dine a la carte, or treat it like a smorgasbord. Bon advértit.




All successful ad campaigns start with a compelling concept. We'll generate a heap of 'em for your project: each one grounded in rock-solid strategy. It's a lot of fun for all involved, too. Having tons of great concepts at the front end makes the rest of the process easier.




Graphic design, copywriting, illustration, video production, you name it: we create all of the expected components of advertising with unexpected levels of skill and execution, winning multiple awards along the way.




Let's say your company needs a creative spark for...anything: an event, a product idea, an executive speech, you name it. Sic Captivation Capital on it! One of our strengths is simplifying the complex, clarifying the nebulous, and turning months of internal dead ends into real live eureka moments.





Captivation Capital, Inc. advertising agency: possibly the best impossibly creative ad firm around.
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Captivation Capital, Inc.  •  A Michigan Advertising Agency  •  Established 2001


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