You Want Files with That?

It doesn't take much to start saddling up the high horse in the ad industry. With a lot of creative types in the mix, some folks start thinking they're quite the artistes and, as such, can't be bothered with such trivialities as deadlines, and budgets and—heaven forbid—revisions. Do we demand revisions on the Mona Lisa? The statues of Michelangelo? A Pollock?


Lighten up, Digital DaVinci. It's just an ad.

Starting out as a young creative, I no doubt dabbled in that way of thinking. But over the years my perspective has changed drastically. We advertising firms are in the service business, full stop: much like the plumber down the road or the burger joint out on the highway. I'm just as obligated to serve up delicious, on-time, on-budget product with a smile as the drive-in guy at Shazamburger.

Last minute-changes (then last-second changes) or minor requests—like needing artwork files sent in a different format to a different vendor with a different file upload procedure, etc. etc.—should be executed promptly and cheerfully. I like to think that's how I operate. Apparently, my clients think so too (see here). Maybe it's because I worked in restaurants through high school and college, even at a certain fast food chain where my paper hat was emblazoned with a golden "M." I kicked out burgers and Egg (Youknowwhat)Muffins with abandon, but never served anything I wasn't proud of.

So how do you tap into my one-man, one-of-kind services for your company, large or small? You find you in the profiles below. Since 2001, I've worked (well) with all kinds of people, from CEOs to executives at other ad agencies.


Maybe you're not a burger and fries person, but certainly you consume some form of caffeine, so consider me your branding barista. No matter the project at hand, I get down to work with little fanfare to brew up the effective Captivation Capital® your brand deserves. 


CEOs, Presidents & Business Owners

Being head honcho has its rewards, but also hassles. Chief among them: marketing and advertising.

I've worked with many company leaders from a wide spectrum of industries. Most have a good handle on their current and potential customer, and are wizards at selling one-on-one, however, recreating that effectiveness on a broader scale often proves elusive.

Captivation Capital gives voice to these companies, whether they're just launching or well-established, with strategically-infused creative solutions that build brands and relationships.

Please check out this case study as just one example of how I collaborated with a company owner to get great results.



CMOs & Marketing Directors

Don't worry. Your toes are safe with me.

Because I won't step on them. You're a CMO or marketing director and, as such, you know your hand like the back of your brand. Or something like that. You have your target audience(s) dialed in and an airtight strategy for turning those targets into conversions.

So where do I come in? After over 25 years in this business, I know instinctually how to bring your strategy to life with on-point creative that turns those faceless conversions into true converts for your brand: B2C, B2B, 2B or not to be. All of 'em.


Specifically, the services I can delight you (and your audience) with are: concept development, copywriting, graphic design, illustration, photo illustration/manipulation, GIF animation, radio scriptwriting, video scriptwriting and shooting and production, and the proverbial much more.

I've enjoyed working with, and adapting to, all kinds of marketing directors and managers, each with his or her own personality and approach. Here's just one example.


Ad Agency Owners & Creative Directors

Over the years, my unique position as a one-man creative shop has allowed me to act as a freelancer for other ad agencies, mostly as what I'll call, a Brief Crusher.

All I need is a creative brief, general synopsis, a couple of bullet points scrawled on a napkin—whatever. I’ll come back with a spectrum of concepts that repeatedly bust through any brief’s bullseye like Clint Eastwood with a nail gun.

Face it, can you really ever have enough ideas when you’re kicking off concept development for a big pitch? What if your team generates 99 concepts, but the winning one is #100? That’s where I come in. I’ll generate Idea #100. And 101. And probably 127.

I’m your ace in the hole, 12th man, secret weapon, monkey in a bucket, and every other cliche for “behind-the-scenes powerful ally.”

Okay, I made up the monkey one. (See? I’m already generating ideas.)

If you have an upcoming pitch or campaign launch, or you're knee-deep in the concept development process and need an infusion of ideas, contact me today. 


Creative Consulting

I hesitate to add this category if for no other reason than the admittedly corny accompanying photo. If it weren't for my adherence to brand consistency and this whole barista/coffee concept, maybe I'd have the stock photo guy holding a can of worms.

Consider it cracked open. Let's dive in.

If you've spent more than a few seconds on this site, I hope you've gathered that I'm relatively creative. To (wincingly) borrow a hackneyed trope: I think outside the box.

Well, what if there was no box? I invite you to get a little creative and ponder where your organization could use an extra dose of fresh, raw, unvarnished creativity.

Product development comes to mind. Do I have a product design degree? No. But I've purchased a few products in my day, shopped for them, used them, prized the good ones and cursed the bad ones. I creatively solve challenges all day. It seems to me there's little difference between a (marketing) solution that prompts people to buy and the (product) solution that the person is buying.

That's just one box busting idea to get you started. Keep an open mind. If your company needs anything that's "out there," I'm here.

Captivation Capital Inc advertising agency. Possibly the most impossibly creative ad agency around.
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