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What's Your 2020 Vision?

If you're a CMO or Marketing Director, you're probably launching another one of your laser-focused, strategically-stellar marketing plans for 2020 and beyond. The research is complete, you have your target audiences nailed and the budget is in place.

No doubt, you have creative resources, both internal and external, to implement your plan. But is that really what you want to do with it? The plan you toiled for weeks on, night and day? Implement? An implement is a rake. Or a trowel. You don't don't go into the fray of the marketplace wielding a trowel. You go in wielding vision.

Vision applied to a marketing plan makes all the difference. Vision is the understanding that any plan, no matter how thoroughly researched and ingeniously strategized, must, at some point, take a leap of faith to achieve truly stellar results. The chance to take the leap happens at the intersection of plan and people, that is, when your marketing initiatives interface with actual faces: your potential customers.

It's 2020. What better year to reach for a truly visionary approach to match your amazing marketing plan? Instead of implementing with trowel-like adequacy, consider a consultation with Captivation Capital. If you've had a few minutes to browse the site, my work and clients make it as clear as the first letter on top of an eye chart: I have the vision—backed by my strategically-driven creativity and a fearlessness (slightly) tempered by experience—to bring your marketing plan to life in the minds of your target audience.

Perhaps most interesting: there is no need to alter whatever team(s) you have in place. I can work with virtually anyone, ego-free, and have for years, with everyone from creative directors at other ad agencies to marketing types of all kinds, temperaments, and approaches.

Contact me. What happens next? Let's see.

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