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How to Run After Business

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Tired of running after new business? Run better ads. I could expound with a bunch of keyword-laden paragraphs, but it's really that simple. Run ads that captivate potential customers and you can cut down on running to your next appointment across town, or running to your car to grind out yet another sales route, or running through through an airport to catch a connecting flight. Because, you know...Eau de Pérspiration makes such a great first impression. Like the sound of less running and more business? Do two things: First, contact me today. I've been creating business-building advertising for (gulp)...has it been almost 30 years already? While I've won a few awards along the way, I'm most proud of the relationships I've formed with my clients. They trust me to develop strategically-sound, captivating advertising, and I deliver. They, then, trust me more. I deliver more. It's a whole virtuous circle thing. A win-win. And a hundred other ways to say "it just works." See it in my clients' own words here.

Second, click on the red "FREE STICKER" circle, fill in a little info, and you will receive a free "Gettin' Business Marathon" oval sticker, suitable for placement on your favorite vehicle, laptop, office door. Go crazy. It will serve as a reminder that you can get ahead in the race without always literally running in it.

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