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What is Captivation Capital? Part 1

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Your company could benefit from a banana waffle machine, organic free-range accounting (see Figure 1), supersonic cubicle maintenance...oh, and Captivation Capital®.

We understand that Captivation Capital, our invaluable product for business, can sound as out there as a conference room table Slip-n-Slide, but stick with us, it's pretty simple.

Capital Ideas

You know the basics of business capital, so we'll forego the explanation, other than to grossly oversimplify thusly: it's something in which your company invests with the reasonable hope that it will pay for itself, and more, in increased productivity, output, and, ultimately, profit. It's a new machine added to the line (physical capital), new employees to run that machine (human capital), and, possibly, the financing to purchase the machine in the first place (borrowed capital).

So, why can't investing in the creation of a captivating ad campaign, a memorable mascot, a lasting tagline, and other valuable creative assets be considered business capital? We say it can, darn it, and we call it Captivation Capital.

Tag. Your It.

Take, for example, the humble tagline. Who can argue that a winning tagline isn't a valuable asset to any brand? The right handful of words paired with a logo can indelibly tattoo a brand on the mind of the consumer. Just ask Nike. So, unquestionably, a spot-on tagline is Captivation Capital.

Many clients have invested with us to develop taglines (ie: Captivation Capital). Pathfinder Systems comes to mind. Pathfinder sells equipment for concrete block and paver manufacturers, and is the exclusive distributor of TIGER machines in the USA. To highlight this partnership, Captivation Capital developed the following tagline:

Conquer the Concrete Jungle.

It perfectly encapsulated Pathfinder's ability to help its customers take on any concrete product challenge, while also tying in with the TIGER/jungle theme.

Here's another one we created for a property management firm:


Captivation Capital helped launch the new firm successfully, thanks, in part, to our short, sweet, unforgettable tagline that differtiated in a single word.

These companies, and many others, invested in Captivation Capital and gained the many dividends of a meaningful, memorable tagline.

Stay tuned for more installments of "What is Captivation Capital®?" in the near future. Or, if you can't wait, call to get us started on development of your company's own Captivation Capital, today.


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