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Spontaneous Vertical Exponential Capacity Expansion. (And Other Buzzwords I Just Made Up.)

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Captivation Capital Advertising is wrapping up one of its busiest Augusts on record: creative for an over 100-panel trade show exhibit and a 48-page catalog are just a couple of the many projects that I've completed or are in the works.

In other words, I have a pretty full plate.

Not to worry. Because we here at Captivation Capital (me) have developed a revolutionary breakthrough technology that allows me to offer the same responsive service and captivating creativity for new clients and projects as I already provide to current clients and projects. It's a little something I call: Spontaneous Vertical Exponential Capacity Expansion, or SVECE for short.

SVECE is a highly complicated process, but I think I can sum it up thusly:

When I have a full plate, I just toss a new empty one on top.

Thanks, SVECE! Now there's all kinds of room for me and my 20+ years of experience conceptualizing, writing, designing and producing effective advertising and marketing, to get to work on your next challenge. Just ask my clients: quick, responsive service is a hallmark of my approach to business—regardless of workload.

Ready for another buzzword? Big Agency Syndrome. It's the belief that only big ad agencies can produce great work. If you are under its influence, Captivation Capital has the cure: just CONTACT me today.


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