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Captivation Capital, Inc. is on the move.

See, one of the beauties of Captivation Capital®—captivating advertising concepts so valuable they qualify as true business capital—is its versatility. Captivation is captivation, no matter the medium.

So, when the Japanese chemical company, Moresco Corporation, asked Captivation Capital, Inc. to add some visual impact to their tradeshow booth, we responded with the following car wrap design. The graphic incorporates both stock and original illustration to create one, continuous nature panorama, from snowcapped mountains right down to a water droplet on a single leaf.

The design calls out Moresco's top die cast lubricant products, while also highlighting that they're all water based.

“The vehicle wrap that Captivation Capital, Inc. designed for us really helped grab attention and bring prospects into the booth,” says Steve Wiegerink, National Sales Manager of Moresco USA. “Plus the illustration helped bring our environmental message home, graphically. It’s a real show stopper, whether it’s at a trade show or driving down the road.”

Who knows, you might see a small sample of Captivation Capital® out on the street today!

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