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By The Yard, Inc., Minnesota maker of maintenance-free outdoor furniture, knows a little something about durability and longevity. Their furniture is guaranteed for at least 35 years, even if you leave it out in the harshest weather conditions. In fact, letting it brave the elements is encouraged. In 2014, this small family business asked Captivation Capital to do a logo update and a few other smaller projects and everything grew from there. Today, Captivation Capital is a creative resource for By The Yard on many key marketing fronts, including the opening of TWO new showroom locations: one in the Chicago suburbs, and one on the north side of Minneapolis.

By The Yard is a prime example of Captivation Capital's unique ability to not only capture the one-of-a-kind essence of a brand, but to captivate with it. How do I know? Just ask the Head of By The Yard's Marketing Department: 

"Captivation Capital is a bottomless source of creativity and always on the ball. Captivation Capital keeps my marketing schedule running smoothly and on-time. Captivation Capital has impacted By The Yard by creating consistency in our branding that is relevant and fun, everything from banner ads to complete product catalogs.”

Captivation Capital Inc advertising agency. Possibly the most impossibly creative ad agency around.
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