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Think "B2B advertising" and you're likely to envision a parts maker targeting an OEM, or a machine manufacturer trying to reach a plant manager or buyer. But Captivation Capital understands the vast scope of industries under the B2B umbrella. Take farmers, for instance. Not your typical B2B target. But any sizable farm has a lot more to manage than simply keeping polecats out of the henhouse. They need to outfit that henhouse with modern feeding and other equipment. Enter Big Dutchman, one of the leading manufacturers of livestock feeding and management equipment.


Stream Communications LLC, Big Dutchman's independent marketing advisor, asked Captivation Capital to develop the creative for Big Dutchman's booth at a then upcoming agricultural trade show, which, due to the booth's success, led to many other projects for Big Dutchman.

Check out the examples of my work above. Captivation Capital created an arresting, engaging brand personality for Big Dutchman that helped them get noticed in a very competitive market by highlighting what mattered most to farmers.

Have a unique B2B situation? An unconventional target audience? Captivation Capital has developed creative, effective, captivating advertising for all kinds of industries. I can't wait to hear (and solve) your challenge. 

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